Meeting reminder: Pershing Drive Complete Streets presentation

Just a reminder: next Wednesday, 5/31, Arlington County staff are presenting their plan encompassing the Complete Streets improvements to Pershing Drive. Meeting starts at 7:30pm, and is at the Lyon Park Community Center. Sad to say I won’t be there, since my family is in town and we’ll be out of the area all week, but sending good thoughts and looking forward to seeing what the county has come up with.

The old-ish plan had some promising features to it — a built-up traffic-calming median from Barton to Danville, crosswalks, and several bump-outs that should do a good job of improving pedestrian safety. On the bike infrastructure side of it… well, looks like sharrows from Fillmore on down. I understand the right-of-way issues become challenging past Washington Boulevard, but there are still several sections of Pershing being left at 12-feet wide, which is not great! There are also existing issues with the lanes on Pershing either being too narrow, or completely ignored by traffic — especially on the stretch from Arlington Boulevard up to Barton.

To close, if you’re at all interested in the future of Pershing Drive as a safer street that provides a better experience for folks not ensconced within a car, you should attend, and provide feedback!