Arlington County to test protected bike lanes on Pershing Drive

Some great, midnight-worthy news, folks: Arlington County recently released its revised plans for the Pershing Drive Complete Streets Project, and those plans now include for the installation of protected bike lanes (PBLs) for the entire stretch east of Washington Boulevard, up to North Barton. Because Pershing Drive is scheduled for micro-sealing (some exciting reading, right there) this summer, this will give the county the opportunity to re-stripe this stretch of Pershing, and begin a PBL pilot project almost immediately. I have been on the county since I started blogging here — to the point of filing a FOIA request to dig into how project planners arrived at the final Washington Boulevard re-striping design — so, thank you to the planners who sat down, thought this through, and made safety a priority.

The county presented its plan to the Lyon Park and Ashton Heights civic associations back on May 31st, but only recently posted revised plans to the project website.

On Wednesday, June 14th at 7:30 p.m., the Lyon Park Citizens Association will meet at the Lyon Park Community Center to form and vote on a response. I will be there as a dues-paying member, and I’m working to get Crystal to come out in support, too. If you live in Lyon Park and are a member of the civic association, please do the same — this plan will involve the removal of up to eight parking spaces along Pershing Drive, and, just like with Washington Boulevard, I suspect that will not happen quietly. If you are not a member of the civic association, but you live in Lyon Park — you can signup via a form and a mailed-in check, or (IIRC) pay dues and join at the meeting.

These lanes represent a great opportunity for everyone living along Pershing east of Washington Blvd — and the rest of the project provides for some significant upgrades to pedestrian safety along the entire stretch, up to N. Oxford Street. Don’t let it go to waste.